About Us

The publishing house provides a full range of services for the preparation and publication of your works:

Publication of books in Russian and foreign languages in Russia, the CIS, France, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, etc. with the assignment of the national ISBN of this country.

We will provide all types of pre-print preparation: professional translation, literary or scientific editing, proofreading, design, layout, preparation for submitting a layout to print, etc.

After publication of the book, we organize the placement of the book in large bookselling networks and Internet networks (in Russia and / or abroad); and also in digital formats (LitRes). Create an audio version of the book.

Scientific and popular science editions and publications. Placement of the publication in international databases and citation systems (in particular, in the RSCI database - in the national bibliographic database of scientific citation https://elibrary.ru. Assignment of the DOI index - a digital document identifier for searching scientific information on the Internet.

Бурлука Оксана, издатель, член союза журналистов Москвы, генеральный директор издательства «БОС»

Burluka Oksana,
publisher, member of the Union of Journalists of Moscow, general director of the BOS publishing house, executive director of the Jacobi House foundation for the support of science and art.

Dear friends!

BOS Publishing House has existed since 1992.
During this time we:

  • held more than 40 major events in Russia and abroad (exhibitions, symposiums, competitions, press conferences, cultural and entertainment events, and much more);
  • have published or participated in the production of more than 14 periodicals (glossy, scientific and popular science magazines and newspapers);
  • published about 150 books, of which more than 50 scientific and popular science;
  • The design department of the publishing house developed 27 corporate styles;
  • We have created 7 sites;
  • created 3 films commissioned by the Moscow Government;
  • carried out 14 advertising campaigns for Russian and foreign organizations;
  • filmed a full-fledged music video

…and, of course, we are not going to stop!

BOS publishing house has letters of thanks from the Government of Moscow and the Government of the Russian Federation.