Local  Cultures in  the  Context of  Global  World

Local Cultures in the Context of Global World

Modern civilization is based on the principle of diversity of cultures that are in continuous contact with each other. Without losing its originality, culture nowdays is characterized by mobile type of thinking and new expressions, i.e. it finds the way of being in dialogue with other cultures. The present volume collects a series of works dedicated to entirely different topics and, at the same time, all aimed to investigate, each in its own way, how local cultures interact with each other on a global level. The present volume concentrates on the opportunities and outlooks of cross-cultural communication in the context of globalization, and is intended for everyone who is interested in the problems of intercultural communication.

Eds.: G. V. Denissova, O.V. Smirnova    

Год издания2023
Количество страниц216
Возрастные ограничения18+

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